Energy self regulation for optimum performance
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Just being able to feel again has probably been the most significant growth area that I have personally experienced. Most of us combat veterans have not even realized that we were disconnected and had literally lost feeling; it was ‘just the way things were.’ Personally, I feel as though I have spent the last forty years in an emotional fog that has just recently begun to lift, a little. I have really begun to feel music instead of just hearing or listening to it along with sensing the pain others may be experiencing.-Soldier

I have been involved in a number of other PTSD therapies. So, my use of emWave® (and the Quick Coherence® Technique) has been integrated into a collage of PTSD therapeutic approaches. … I sense being calmer in general. My rage moments are fewer, less intense and don’t last quite as long. I guess the most telling evaluation is that my wife thinks I have made some significant positive changes and am just a nicer person to live with.– Soldier

The verifiable transition from head to heart has been a significant factor in the progress I have made during the last six months. … I seem to have found a core of feeling that I didn’t know existed.-Soldier

To deal with all the pain I felt after I got back, I self-medicated for several months with alcohol and marijuana, but after weaning off of both, I was determined not to use narcotics of any kind to cope with the pain. Being part of this experimental HRV biofeedback (emWave) program has changed my life and given me a practical, nonmedicated way to reduce the pain and handle the stress. The benefits of heart-rate-variability biofeedback are so much better than medication because I am learning a way to self-regulate anywhere, anytime without risk of dependency or that drugged feeling.– Soldier

Police Officers

We have long been aware of the toll policing exacts physically and emotionally. That toll erodes our resilience and capacity to perform at sustained high levels. The coherence Advantage provides the learning and tools for officers to take charge of their emotions, store and recover energy, sustain health and perform in peak state. It is as essential to our survival as is master street survival tactics! –Cmdr. Michael J Nila (ret)


 The guys are constantly bombarded with people telling them to try this and that, but I’ve never seen anything quite as effective as the Coherence tools.-Brendan Taylor, Vice President, IMG Golf and Clients-


It’s fantastic not only for your concentration but also your health. I feel confident and calm. It’s all thanks to using the coherence tools. Nick Dougherty, Winner, 2007 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship

The Coherence tools show golfers exactly how different emotions affect performance, and most importantly, gives them the tools to change a destructive emotion to a productive emotion right on the spot.– Laird Small, Director, Pebble Beach Golf Academy, 2003 PGA Teacher of the Year


Once I started using the Coherence tools before and during each tennis game, I was able to hit the sweet spot more often and for the first time reached the finals — and won in straight sets! -Brian K. President of a high tech corporation


Being at the vortex of the high tech industry is very stressful. Using the techniques outline with the Coherence techniques has literally added 10 years to my life! I have recommended many of these tools to the executives I meet in the computer industry. -Patricia Seybold- CEO

I think for people in our high pressure situations, it’s a really fantastic to incorporate Coherence tools. They help you stay under control and think clearly. Gordon Norman- Advanced Technical Support (ATS) Hewlett Packard