Energy self regulation for optimum performance
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Most of us have experienced driving our car and knowing it is not running well. This can be due to many factors, one of which could be that the timing is off. This means the spark plugs are not firing in a synchronized manner. The car still runs, just not very well.

This is true for our bodies as well. When they are out of sync, they work, just not as well as they could. This means that our autonomic nervous system, hormonal system and immune system are not working in a synchronized manner.

We fix our car by adjusting the timing so that the spark plugs fire with the proper order and synchronization. We can re-synchronize our body systems by creating a state of Coherence and thus improving our mental focus, emotional stability and physical resilience. This allows us to operate in a more efficient manner in all areas of life. The diagram below illustrates some physiological patterns before and after inducing a state of Coherence.

The Quick Coherence technique is a simple and effective way to bring your body systems into synchronous operation allowing you to move through life in a state of ease.

At Core Performance we systematically teach you the tools to obtain a state of coherence at will.  The tools and technology will guide you to feel what Coherence feels like in your body.  Once familiar with this state, you will have the awareness and ability to create Coherence during any situation.